Forseth Family Christmas Newsletter

Hello and Merry Christmas! Weíve been meaning to write you for some time. In case youíre wondering whatís up with the Forseths, below are the "fast facts." (But before you leave us please also sign our guestbook.)


  • Randy is in the fifth grade. He continues to be a soccer maniac. His 3v3 team will be going to Orlando in January 2005 for the national soccer tournament. However, heís had set backs with heel and knee injuries. Heís getting rest and physical therapy at the moment. We anticipate heíll be ready for the big event.


  • Randyís an auto-didact (self-teacher). He taught himself to swim years ago. He teaches himself math. And lately heís been very adeptly teaching himself to play the recorder.
  • Randy's and Rachel's sports teams have given Ron and Carol a lot of special friends, too, as they love spending time with the families involved.
  • Rachel is in her second year of junior high. Weíve been blessed that sheís had some really fantastic teachers who know how to handle and inspire junior highers. Sheís particularly enjoying her media and technology class KPAW where she makes films and does newscasts on the school broadcast system.


  • Sheís taken to both volleyball and tennis and has excelled in both.
  • Rachelís also taken to reading Lemony Snicketís Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Rachel has demonstrated quite the aptitude in music and has progressed by leaps and bounds with her guitar. She plays on the youth group worship team.
  • Carol is in her third year of teaching at Colorado State University. She teaches freshman composition in the English department and "Schooling in the United States" in the Education department. (Please assign any grammatical errors in this newsletter to Ron.)
  • Carol also manages Crossroads Press, a small publishing house.† Read about one of her books here.
  • Carolís favorite hobby is scrapbooking.


  • Carol and Ron participate in a wonderful ministry at church called Celebrate Recovery, which is a Christ-centered 12-Step program. Besides dealing with their own hurts, habits, and hang-ups, they have the opportunity to care for and build relationships with friends that also struggle.
  • Carol and Ron both serve as substitute Sunday school teachers.
  • Ron continues his work as the Director of Business Development for Outreach, Inc., responsible for strategic partnerships, church planting, and field marketing.† Ron's grateful for his work which is very challenging and inspiring to be engaged in.
  • Carol has gotten some benefit from all Ronís travels. Ron earned enough frequent flier miles to send Carol and her sister Nancy to Cancun to stay on a small island just off the coast.
  • Ron also won two round-trip tickets to Europe at a conference(!). Between her job and the need to care for the kids, Carol opted out of the trip. Ron took his dad to visit the "motherland" in Scandinavia (Actually, his dad picked up the majority of the expenses while in Europe so Ron really got a great deal).
  • Ronís written one book for kids, has a second almost completed, and a third just started. If youíve got kids in the upper elementary or junior high grades, they can take a sneak peek at the first chapter of a story called Time Trekker by reading "Tyler's Gift" on this website by clicking here. Feel free to shoot suggestions for future chapters to Ron at! (Oh, youíll notice Ron writes under a pen name which combines his fatherís and grandfatherís middle names. If it worked for Mark Twain, maybe it will work for Lee Alexander!)


  • Once a month we also participate in a great ministry called International Students Incorporated reaching out to, of all people, international students.
  • A highlight for the family has been visiting Ronís brotherís home in Columbus, Montana. Jay left his position as vice president at Rocky Mountain College to take a pastorate at a small church there and has been a real example of faith to us all.

Weíd love hearing from you by email or Christmas card, and we hope it wonít be quite as long before you hear from us again. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and God bless you.


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