Tribute to Licks

Licks was a renowned rat with a wide range of talents and distinctives.  She was perhaps the world's foremost rat escape artist.  She could get out of the most challenging of confinements, whether by squeezing, chewing, lifting of heavily-weighted lids, or perhaps simply by passing directly through glass walls.

Licks was known to repeatedly sneak from her glass cage, crawl into bed and snuggle with her master Randy.  Occassionally she would nibble on Randy's ear until he awoke and played with her.

Licks could also tightrope walk in a manner competetive with the Great Blondine, only she used a bungie cord instead of a rope!

This incredible creature even holds a world record.  In the top left corner of the photomontage you will notice her performing what is perhaps the greatest feat every accomplished by any rat in history:  Occupying space in four states at the very same time.


Licks came when she was called, demonstrated great gratitude for meals served, and exhibited humility and trust that, if imitated by any person, would improve anyone's character.

Licks was known by a variety of names including:

  • The Lickster
  • Licksie Dixie
  • Lickerdiedoodahs and
  • Rattie Dear

At the approximate age of 100 rat years, our beloved pet, Licks, passed from this life to the next on October 8, 2005.  She is no doubt now blazing the trails of new adventures as she has joined her sister and companion Charcoal in the undiscovered country.